Who we are

Oxford Climate Associates was formed in 2009 as a partnership of Mark Lynas, Chris Goodall and Oliver Tickell as a consultancy and centre of expertise specialising in national and international climate policy. The principal clients of Oxford Climate Associates are:

  • national governments and their agencies,
  • UN bodies operating in the international climate policy arena,
  • corporations engaged in international climate policy issues.

Our work

We have worked on or are currently engaged in the following projects:

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The Maldives Government's 2009 initiative to go 'carbon neutral', first advising on the declaration of the target itself, and currently developing the policy detail necessary to its achievement. We are also providing communications advice to maximise political and public awareness of the country's actions.

Climate policy in India
A scoping exercise for the Government of India to explore future climate policy directions.

Costa Rica's 'carbon neutral' initiative
Costa Rica's 2007 initiative to go 'carbon neutral', investigating policy options and specific measures to enable the achievement of the target.

The Aviation Global Deal
The Aviation Global Deal initiative launched in early 2009 as an aviation industry sectoral approach to limiting international aviation emissions under ICAO governance and delivering wider climate benefits using an aviation-derived funding stream.

United Nations Environment Programme
Contributing to the proposed expert review by UNEP of new global climate governance frameworks as alternatives to the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate Neutral Network
Supporting the UN Climate Neutral Network of national governments, regions, cities and other instutions.