Mark Lynas

Mark Lynas has worked for nearly a decade as a specialist on climate change, and is author of three books on the subject:

  • High Tide: News from a warming world (2004);
  • Carbon Calculator (2007);
  • Six Degrees: Our future on a hotter planet (2007).

Six Degrees won the 2008 Royal Society Prize for Science Books. He writes for various newspapers and magazines, recently including the Guardian and the Independent, and is a frequent contributor to the New Statesman. He also consults on climate issues for governments and other clients.

Oliver Tickell

Oliver Tickell is the architect of the Kyoto2 proposals for an alternative framework for international climate governance, highlighted as a Breakthrough Idea for the 21st Century by the Sustainable Development Commission, and author of Kyoto2 (Zed Books, 2008). A former environment correspondent at the Independent, he has written for a range of publications including the Guardian, New Scientist, and Resurgence. In 2008 he opposed Bjorn Lomborg in the IQ2 debate in New York, televised on BBC World, and is in frequent demand as a keynote speaker on climate issues and environmental economics. He also advises widely on climate policy, and consults on energy policy, climate governance and economic reform.

Chris Goodall

Chris Goodall is the author of Ten Technologies to Save the Planet, listed as one of the Financial Times Science Books of the Year 2008. His previous book, How to Live a Low-Carbon Life, won the 2007 Clarion Award for non-fiction. His latest book is The Green Guide for Business. He is a columnist for the Independent on Sunday and the Guardian, and provides consulting advice on climate, energy, technology and related issues to governments, businesses and other institutions.