What we do

Oxford Climate Associates provides consultancy and expertise on both national and international climate policy to a number of clients, including national governments, UN bodies, and large corporations.

We also have an extensive network of contacts that resides in Oxford, both within the University (Oxford University Centre for the Environment, Environmental Change Institute, Smith School, 21st Century School, Department of Economics, Said Business School) and outside the academic sphere (eg, UK Climate Impacts Programme, Best Foot Forward, Climate Care, Global Canopy). This includes communications expertise to maximise the impact and reach of projects.

We also have links with other academic institutions across the UK, for example in the Universities of Cambridge, East Anglia, Southampton and Exeter.

We consider this wide resource of expertise as an important asset to our business and frequently draw upon it our to supplement and expand our own in-house capacities, according to the requirements of specific projects and activities.

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